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The Gorefield Playing Field Association was formed at a public meeting in the early 1970's when the village first bought the playing field from a local farmer and landowner.

Some years later it was decided that it would be good to have an Amenity Centre and so a small group was set up to follow this up. As a result of the hard work of many residents of Gorefield over a period of many years of fund-raising a sum of money was raised in readiness for the construction of a suitable building.

But over the years the cost of such a project increased out of proportion to the income from fund-raising. Eventually a compromise was agreed which would combine the facilities of a new pavilion with a new community hall. Applications were made and finance was generously granted by the Lottery Fund and Sport England.

The Playing Field Association is a registered charity (No. 1051382) and exists to manage the provision, maintenance and improvement of the playing field, community hall and pavilion for the Parish of Gorefield.

The Community Hall and Pavilion, situated a few miles from the Town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, was opened by Jake Humphrey in June 2013 with 2 days of celebrations and events on the playing field. The building now provides a hall for community use and a pavilion for the Soccer Teams to play locally. They are currently looking to increase the number of teams by encouraging youngsters to take part.

Bi-monthly committee meetings are held to discuss the general running of the Hall & Pavilion, the Playing Field and the organisation of events and fund-raising schemes.

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Gorefield Playing Field Committee Members:


Bill Peggs
Barbara Holt

Michael Humphrey
Nathalie Crick
Alan Holt
Margaret Pearce
Brenda Stamp

Rob Gifford

Edward Bradley
Rachael Richmond

Nick Turner
Gerry Clifton
Kevin Burton

Adam Skinner
Lenny Kimber

Ian Larkin

Samantha Kublic

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PCC Nominated Member
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Gorefield Parish Council Nominated Member
Gorefield Bowls Club Nominated Member
Gorefield Ladies Group Nominated Member
Football Club Nominated Member
Gorefield Show Nominated Member
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Elected Member

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Secretary & Bookings

We welcome fresh ideas and new activities and if you have anything to offer or would like to help with anything please contact us.