Hall Hire Diary

Use the Diary below to check Hall and Pavilion availability - it is only provided to show the hire times and NOT to indicate the actual start and finish times of  any functions.

This diary is updated in real time but is provided for information only and not as a confirmation of bookings. Bookings cannot be guaranteed to be up to date. For any queries or to confirm availability please check with the Booking Officer.

Bookings for the Community Hall and Pavilion are shown together on the same diary but each can be hidden - see the table below.

Displays the current week, current day highlighted

Print the viewed diary page





Displays the previous week/month


Displays events a week at a time

Displays the next week/month


Displays events a month at a time


Displays a calendar to select a specific date


Displays a chronological list of events

Community Hall events

Pavilion Events

Hide/show Hall, Pavilion and/or UK Holiday events